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Montgomery County, MD Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers

Being accused of a sex crime is absolutely devastating to anyone. The mere allegation of a sexual assault results in severe consequences and repercussions. Sex assault crimes, more so than any other crime, frequently involve little of no corroborating evidence such as DNA, eyewitness accounts or other forensic evidence. And yet, despite this lack of evidence, sex crimes defendants often feel like they are guilty until proven innocent instead of the other way around.

If you are facing an alleged sex crime, you should definitely have a skilled, aggressive attorney on your side. The proper representation with a charged sex crime involves careful preparation and an aggressive defense. A client should have an attorney with the resources and experience to mount the kind of defense that can prevent a final prosecution or defeat the case at trial. Your attorney must be prepared to aggressively investigate a case as soon as the accusation is made. Our Rockville Maryland sex crimes lawyers have the experience, knowledge and resources to properly defend your case.

Frequently it is extremely difficult for an alleged sex offender to get a the fair trial that they deserve and that our justice system requires. Finger pointing, false accusations and emotional reactions can result in false allegations and convictions. The result can be mandatory jail sentencing even if the accused is innocent. And, many convictions result in lifetime Megan’s Law registration with the police. For all these reasons, having an aggressive sex offense lawyer in you corner is absolutely essential.

Our Rockville Maryland sex crime attorneys spend time with each client to learn all sides of the story and prepare to mount an aggressive defense. Diligent preparation is critical to be able to effectively question the credibility of the accuser, witnesses and reveal extenuating circumstances which may explain why the charges were brought in the first place.

Types of Sex Offenses In Maryland

Our Rockville Maryland sex crimes lawyers thoroughly defends clients accused of the following:

Rape                                                              Computer Sex Crimes

Date Rape                                                     Online Solicitation

Statutory Rape                                             Sexual Assault

Offensive Touching                                     Indecent Exposure

Internet Crime                                             Juvenile Sex Crimes/Sexting

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